Protocol Independent Multicast - Dense Mode (PIM-DM)

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Kurt Windisch
Advanced Network Technology Center

Pimd-dense is a lightweight, stand-alone PIM-Dense Mode implementation that may be freely deployed or distributed. Pimd-Dense implements the full PIM-DM specification with a few exceptions noted in the Release Notes.

The code from Pimd-dense is heavily based on the PIM-Sparse Mode daemon implementation by Puneet Sharma and Charley Liu (USC), Ahmed Helmy (SGI/USC), and Pavlin Ivanov Radoslavov (USC). For more info on PimD-Sparse, see the PIM Home Page at USC

Use of PimD-Dense for multicast routing requires a separate facility for unicast routing such as (1) static routes via the UNIX route command, (2) RIP routes via the standard UNIX routed routing daemon, or (3) other dynamic unicast routing protocols such as those provided by the GateD multiprotocol routing daemon.

The Software

PimD-Dense is currently ALPHA-version software that yet requires extensive testing. If you choose to use it, information about any bugs or problems sent to would be greatly appreciated and will be investigated ASAP.

PimD-Dense should compile and run on most UNIX varieties, including FreeBSD, BSDI, NetBSD, SunOS, IRIX, Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.6, and Linux (however it has not yet been tested on all these).

Many current version of the IP MRouting kernel code requires patches to correct certain bugs in order to work correctly with PimD-Dense. Before using PimD-Dense, you should apply one of the current patches available for PimD-Sparse from USC's PIM FTP site. Several are available.


In the future, a suite of test scripts will be included that will test the basic functionality of this, or other, PIM-DM implemenations. This test suite will use George (Rusty) Eddy's PKT toolkit.

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