Lane Education Network

What is LEN?

Lane Education Network (LEN) is a community-wide computer network that provides Internet-based informational and educational services to the people of Lane County.

LEN was launched in the fall of 1994 with a grant from the National Telecommunications Infrastructure Administration (NTIA), and represents a cooperative effort among a consortium of community partners to develop a state-of-the-art network infrastructure.

At its most basic level, LEN provides a technological link between a wide range of city, county, school district, and business resources.

With its sophisticated networking connectivity to other high-speed service providers, LEN offers a particularly powerful global link to the Internet, and the fastest, most dependable Internet connectivity available in the Southern Willamette region.

Today's LEN partners have implemented the projects described on this page. As high technology enterprise continues to blossom in Lane County, many opportunities will exist for LEN partners to work together in providing other Internet-based solutions to the needs of Lane County individuals and businesses.

LEN's key objectives are to...

  • develop a technological infrastructure that will meet the needs of our region into the next century

  • facilitate the access and innovative use of Internet services throughout Lane County

  • build a cooperative framework of educational institutions, government agencies, and private businesses within our community that fosters the intelligent use of the community's informational and technological resources

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