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GateD-Multicast Library

PIM-DM v2 Multiaccess LAN Prune/Join

This test is intended to test prune and join functionality among GateD PIM Dense Mode routers on multiaccess LANs. This includes handling of prune messages with multiple downstream receivers on a shared LAN and handling of subsequent join messages. This test also checks for correct timing out of multicast forwarding state with active receivers when no data is transmitted.

The test topology includes three routers, A, B, and C and two hosts. This topology features a shared multiaccess LAN, N2, with two downstream routers, only one of which will connect receivers. When (S,G) state is created, the downstream router, C, without receivers will send a prune upstream, soliciting a join for the router, B, that has downstream recievers.

                          N2              N3
                           +--- Router ------- Receiving 
            N1             |      B               Host
 Sending ------- Router ---+
   Host            A       |     
                           +--- Router ----- ...
  1. Start gated on routers A, B, and C with PIM-DM configuration, then wait 60 seconds.
  2. Verify that A doesn't consider N2 a leaf network.
  3. Verify that B considers N3 a leaf network.
  4. Join group G on the receiving host.
  5. Send multicast data to group G, from the sending host, S, then wait 5 seconds.
  6. Verify that A now has N2 in the oiflist of (S,G).
  7. Verify that B now has N3 in the oiflist of (S,G).
  8. Verify that C has an (S,G) entry with negative cache state.
  9. Wait 300 seconds then verify taht A, B, and C have timed out their (S,G) state.
  10. Leave group G on the receiving host.
  11. Halt gated on A, B and C.

Test Script gated-multi/tests/pim/pimdm_lan_prune_join
Tested By Kurt Windisch ( ANTC)
Date 2/10/98 (repeated 3/17/98
Status Passed