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GateD-Multicast Library

PIM-DM v2 Graft Retransmission and Acknowledgement

This test is intended to test graft functionality among GateD PIM Dense Mode routers.

The test topology includes three routers, A and B, and two hosts. The souce host will send data to the network with no receivers, resulting in the routers pruning back. Then the downstream interface on router A will be taken down and the receiving host will join to the group, causing grafts to propogate upstream. The downed interface will cause B to retransmit grafts to A until A's interface is brought back up and A sends a graft acknowledgement.

Since interfaces will be taken down, it is necessary to have a control host with a connection on each network run the test script.

          N1              N2              N3
  Host ----+--- Router -------- Router ---+---- Host
    S      |   A1 A  A2    |   B1 B  B2   |      R
           |               |              |
           |               |              |
 Control C1+               |              |
  Host   C2----------------+              |
  1. Start gated on routers A, B, and C with PIM-DM configuration, then wait 60 seconds.
  2. Send multicast data to group G, from the sending host, S, then wait 5 seconds.
  3. Verify that both A and B have (S,G) entries with negative cache state.
  4. Take router A's downstream interface down.
  5. Join group G on the receiving host and wait 20 seconds.
  6. Bring router A's downstring interface back up and wait 35 seconds.
  7. Verify that A now has N2 in the oiflist of (S,G).
  8. Verify that B now has N3 in the oiflist of (S,G).
  9. Leave group G on the receiving host.
  10. Halt gated on A and B.

Test Script gated-multi/tests/pim/pimdm_graft
Tested By Kurt Windisch ( ANTC)
Date 2/18/97 (repeated 3/24/98)
Status Passed (required post-1/5/98 snapshot code)