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GateD-Multicast Library

Basic PIMv2 Neighbor Interaction

This test is intended to test basic interaction with other GateD PIM Sparse and Dense Mode routers to verify that the correct neighbor state transitions are made, and that the SNMP variables report the correct information.

The test topology includes two routers, A and B, with interfaces on each of two LANs, a test LAN and a control LAN. The routers will establish PIM neighbor adjacencies on the test LAN, while the control LAN is necessary for a remote control machine to change interface configurations on the test routers.

 ----------------------  test plane
    |              |
  Router         Router 
    A              B   
    |              |
 ----------------------  control plane
     Control Host

  1. Start gated on router A with PIM-DM configuration
  2. Start gated on router B with PIM-DM configuration, then wait 15 seconds.
  3. Verify that A has neighbor state for B.
  4. Verify that B has neighbor state for A.
  5. Take down A's interface on the test plane, and wait 110 seconds.
  6. Verify that B has no neighbor state for A.
  7. Bring A's interface up, and wait 35 seconds.
  8. Verify that A has neighbor state for B.
  9. Verify that B has neighbor state for A.
  10. Halt gated on A and B.

Test Script gated-multi/tests/pim/pim_nbrs_test
Tested By Kurt Windisch ( ANTC)
Date 2/10/98 (repeated 3/17/98)
Status Passed (requires post 1/5/98 snapshot)