PIM-DM Implementation in GateD

PIM-DM Implementation in GateD

Kurt Windisch and Dave Meyer
Advanced Network Technology Center (ANTC)
University of Oregon


PIM-DM code for GateD

Note that this code relies heavily (1) George Eddy's (Rusty) PIM and MRT code, and on (2) the GateD Multicast version 5 library, which must licensed from the GateD Consortium.

The above code was updated on 12/03/98 and current versions are included in the periodic GateD-Multi code snapshots and releases. These files should only be used with gated-multi snapshots from 3/20/98 or later (In fact they may require the most recent gated-multi release).

Kernel patches are required for GateD PIM. These fix a few bugs in the ip_mroute kernel code and implement new functionality requred by PIM-SM. The current set of patches can be used by both GateD and the stand-alone PimD (Sparse or Dense) daemons. They are available from the USC FTP server: one-pimd-gated-kernel.

PIM-DM Test Suite

This is a suite of test scripts included in gated-multi snapshots within the gated-multi/tests/pim directory. They make use of Dave Thaler's gated.tcl Tcl test library as well as pim.tcl, which contains PIM-specific Tcl library functions. The above files were updated on 5/6/98 and the current version are included in the periodic GateD-Multi code snapshots and releases. All regression tests succeeded with the most recent 3/20/98 snapshot, but requires the more recent PIM code above.


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