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UO Advanced Network Technology Center

The Advanced Network Technology Center (ANTC) has been founded at the University of Oregon to develop and implement state-of-the-art networking technologies, both in the Northwest region and around the world. Current projects include:

Network Design & Engineering Projects

The Lane Education Network (LEN) is a community network originally funded by the NTIA

Network for Engineering and Research in Oregon/OSSHEnet (NERO/OSSHEnet) is the Higher Education network for Oregon. In addition to providing robust, high-bandwidth networking for Higher Education, we have several ongoing projects that include the innovative use of IP multicast, IPv6, and RSVP.

The Oregon Internet Exchange (or Oregon-IX) is a regional exchange point serving Oregon. In addition to the Oregon-IX pages, the Routing Arbiter Project , housed at USC/ISI, maintains for more general information on routing exchange services.

Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project aimed at the deployment and integration of appropriate networking technology in the developing world. Contact nsrc@nsrc.org for additional information.

Oregon Gigapop is the Oregon connection point for the Internet2 Abilene network; a high-speed research network.

Internetworking Curriculum

To meet the growing demand for networking expertise in Oregon and around the world, ANTC is assisting in the design and implementation of internetworking curriculum at the UO.

Standards Based Activities

ANTC is active in the development of tools used in development and analysis of the global Internet Routing system. These tools include the Routing Policy System.

ANTC also supports the Route Views Project to capture multiple views of the global routing table. The Route Views routers hold full routing through various "views" from around the world.

MOAT offers some elementary processing of the tables as well the ability to create VRML objects representing AS connectivity. See Global ISP interconnectivity by AS number for detailed information on MOAT is storing and filtering the Route Views data.

ANTC is also active in the MBONE Deployment Working Group (MBONED) , which is currently chaired by David Meyer, Director of ANTC.

As one of the initial members of the 6BONE Deployment Group , ANTC is instrumental in early global deployment of the IPv6 networking protocol.

ANTC is a member of the GateD Consortium, actively implementing internet multicast routing protocols, including Protocol Independent Multicast - Dense Mode.

ANTC is also active in various standards and industry groups. These activities ensure that the University remains at the forefront of the development and deployment cycle for emerging technologies, such as RSVP.

David M. Meyer
Director, Advanced Network Technology Center
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